Still Digging – Halloween special

Join us ghosts & ghouls tonight at 8 pm EDT, as Still Digging presents a Halloween spectacular. We’ll talk ‘Evil Archaeology’ and zombies. Join us if you dare.👻💀🎃

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Still Digging – podcast – episode 2

Join the ArchaeoRPG collective discussion. Tonight we will discuss public archaeology, the legacy of Tolkien regarding identity and race, and a sneak peak of our upcoming liveplay role-playing world.

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Orcs, Racism, and Tolkien

The most recent episode of Still Digging featured a discussion of articles by James Mendez Hodes “Orcs, Briton and the Martial Racial Myth…” Part I and Part II. The articles focused on the use of cultural and racial stereotypes in the fantasy genre and in particular within the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.

The ArchaeoRPG crew took that discussion and expanded on it discussing the roles that anthropology and archaeology had played in creating the kind of race science used within the fantasy genre. We then discussed what can we as archaeologists today do to change these embed pieces of the fantasy genre while still keeping the features of the genre that drew us to it to begin with.

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